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The only proper way to spend the few days between the end of the regular season for the NHL and the start of the Stanley Cup games is to fool yourself into buying certain teams, excluding others and crafting stories in your head just before the postseason falls.

Enter: Our choices and predictions for the Stanley Cup! 

In anticipation of the qualifiers starting on Wednesday, we moved on to our best efforts to select the best finalists of the Conference, the finalists of the Stanley Cup and a final. We have also made some bold predictions that will make you wonder whether we are dealing with crazy pills, bath salts or just folly. Decision is yours.

Anyway, what could be wrong?
End of the Eastern Conference

Blackburn: Bruins on Capitals

The Bruins will have a difficult road to the ECF, maybe they will have to pass through Toronto and the Tampa Bay, and I think they can easily lose in the first round, where they can access the SCF. But they have high-level talents, depth, and have been completed. They have also proven to be a flexible and cohesive group throughout the year, so I will put my faith in them.

Benjamin: Capitals on Bruins

Lightning will be difficult, but it is an option against penguins that really move my stomach. It is a desecration to put the hats somewhere near the final, I know, but are not these predictions contrary to the foolish view? I do this with the spirit of change!

Skiver: Lightning on penguins

These are probably the best teams in the conference, and I’m not sure they’re very close. I have the Bruins give the old lightning “what to do” in the second round, but in the end, the Lightning has a lot of scorers. As for the penguins, I saw a long battle with the capitals in the second round, but in the end, if Murray is there, I think Washington will disappear again.
End of the Western Conference

Blackburn: The aircraft on the sharks

Do I choose Nashville because everyone chooses Nashville? Maybe. Predators are stacked, especially in defense, but one must stand next to the Curse of the President’s Cup here. The Winnipeg crime is outstanding and Connor Heliopok is excellent this year. If they managed to keep the line in D and put their own squad unit up during the postseason, I do not see why they do not deserve consideration.

Benjamin: Predators on ducks

Anaheim is rolling and should get under the Preds skin, but can not be overstated in Nashville depth. It’s a shame that we can not take two teams from the central stage to the final stage of the West, because the planes have enough talent to be there.

Skiver: predators on ducks

A possible date with the aircraft in the second round does not certainly smile when the predators, but their defense can take control. In the meantime, Ducks have the ability and experience of the Kesserli team to end the Cinderella season for the Golden Knight.
Final Stanley Cup

Blackburn: Bruins on airplanes

Yeah, whatever, I’m a guy from Boston picks Bruins … Kill me. But seriously, the Bruins are good enough to win the Cup, but can easily bounce back in the first two rounds. Stanley Cup qualifiers can not be predicted, we will die anyway, so let’s continue this.

Benjamin: predators on the capital

Nashville is a hot choice now and helps them enter the qualifiers as the first team, but I would like to think that this is part of the storybook last year, except for Pekka Rinne and plenty of character coming to the end.

Skiver: Predators on lightning

They gave me a great insult against a great defense and I would choose defense 100 percent of the time. I think Predators can prevent the Lightning attack fast enough to get a cup in their second attempt.
Prediction in bold

Burn Black:

Kings beat the golden horsemen in the first round: Vegas was a great season and no one expected to reach the qualifiers, regardless of their win in the first division, but the teams tied in the first round. It is more than possible to frustrate the golden cavalry kings in a defensive position and give them an early start in a narrow editorial tour series.
Alex Ovechkin records a series goal: Ovechkin takes a lot of criticism of Postseason’s capital problems, but that may be the year he is changing, darling. (I bet you have not heard it before). The hats will not reach the final cup to erase them completely