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There are many variables that determine the Stanley Cup champion. A group of them can not be controlled. Yes, talent prevails, but more than any sport, good or bad luck, pure and pure luck, can swing a game or a whole series, almost all that unpredictable.

So, it can be stupid to try and guess how the second season of NHL will be broken.

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The Western Conference is slightly heavier than its eastern counterparts. The predators took over the Presidents Cup, the first seed at the conference and the title of the department, all the first of the franchise, with one shot. If they do not, those titles would be seen on the planes, which record the second best team in the NHL. The Pacific Division rivals are a bit unstable, but none of the Golden Knights, Kings, Ducks and Sharks have a pusher feeling of their chances at the Stanley Cup.

Sport News NHL Brandon Schlager, Ivan Spurrer and Jim Cerney are predicting the qualifiers at the Western Conference and setting their choices at the Stanley Cup.

Playoff: Western Conference Forecasts

Predators Nashville (C1) vs. Colorado Avalanche (WC2)

Background story

Predators will be the first to warn about the choice of chalk in the Stanley Cup qualifiers. After all, it was not a terrific start to the 2018 to 1-16 numbers one meeting, and Nashville knows his first hand growing may be insignificant at this time of year, especially in hockey. However, the President’s Cup appears to be one of the safest bets in June, aiming to end what they started a year ago. Avalanche, who completed one of the annual response times in modern memory sports, sought to guide part of the magic that helped predators to achieve the Black Hawk sweep in 2017. The most planted question is: How much do they have? Have you left after spending the last two months fighting for their lives in the qualifiers?

The main player

Nathan McKinnon seems to get the best case to win the Hart Cup, but this series really becomes an advantage of his performance if you can help Avalanche to challenge the depth of the NHL team. Colorado was depleted by injury, with goalkeeper Simon Farlamov and first defender Eric Johnson starting from the first round. Most likely, it will be sooner rather than later, happy to build on historical change. No one blames them.

Big number

Predators has 13 players, THIRTEEN – players who have contributed at least 10 goals this season. There are four more of the closest team. This kind of balanced score is always useful during the playoffs, when the stars become cold and hot, and the unknown heroes appear from the wood.

Brandon Schlager speculates: Predators in 4
Ivan Spoer predicts: Predators in 5
Jim Cerney predicts: Predators at 5

Vegas Golden Knights (P1) vs. Kings of Los Angeles (WC1)

Background story

The Golden Knights are already the most successful expansion of the NHL, arguably the best story in all sports. Now that it has caught everyone’s attention, all eyes are on view as Vegas does not live up to expectations for the Stanley Cup competition. The team that knows a thing or two about winning the championships is waiting for them in the first round. This is the second appearance in Los Angeles qualifying since his last title in 2014, but many of the names in this trophy remain on the list. At least, they are a strong opponent by the legitimate MVP candidates and the Norris battery and defense / goalkeeper who can put down a high-flying attack that unfolds like Las led him.

The main player

Marc Andre Fleury is a security system that allows a golden space attack on high flying action. The defense plays without concern. The charts take more risks, because they expect Fleury to protect them from complex situations. Flower was not always good in qualifying (0.908 saving ratio), but has three Stanley Cup episodes. We have no doubt to steal some games to extend the Vegas dream season. As Fleury departs, they will too.

Big number

First-year coach John Stevens, has a royalty playing with a reactive feeling and sensitivity, but his old style of confinement remains a great force for this team. Los Angeles allowed fewer goals (202), and was the best punishment penalty