Marlon Moraes vs Jimmie Rivera

Marlon Moraes vs Jimmie Rivera Live  :The battle Marton, Jamie Rivers and war on Friday night at the recommended 131 of the Adirondack Bank Center.

Jimmy Rivera enters the battle, and this has a record of 21-1: escaped from those battles he won 71 percent of the plan. Every one to the last 20 games he won at the expense of that which is Rivera Latin beat Thomas in July. Averages beat Rivera 4,55% accuracy rate was 41 per minute. The rate of 33.3% to an accuracy of 1.22 Rivera purchased. From the series of the wonderful Rivera continues to develop, and shutting him up in victory, from the 75 new from the war, in which the stroke of the earth, and be smitten so that to be brought forth. Rivera’s team has not lost his match after a battle with Jason McLean in 2008 and won four Borabahh final decision. A wrestler who has the best athletes and does not go down in five battles by Rivera with the UFC, the destruction of him in the 90 percent to the strikes. This battle is second to Rivera in New York, which is waging state.

Marlon Moraes vs Jimmie Rivera

Marlon Moraes vs Jimmie Rivera  | Live UFC Fight Night Streaming Free

To provide as far as the year is not a lot Almarlon of Jimmy Rivera had recently been.

Night after the battle, the results are a little Suspendisse consectetur between the two lines in Utica, N.Y. bantamweights And by competition for more than six or seven months Rivera is due.

The whole thing through the competition, I think this is where Oharabh offered to him when he was tied 1-1, and said ‘No’ will win some battles. At 4-0, I recommended at the time, why Oqatlh? This is unacceptable. It is possible that the fact that it was rejected, because they were not worthy competitor: ‘My room Rivera MMA Weekly.

In fact, to say that it is a global fight global championship series fight does not exist until they got five theses assuncao in species where fighting all the next width and carried belts for three upgrades – the king of the cage ring fighting himself arranges it in the CFCs – I am to win: and those who have lodged them, defended them, and Okhlehm not only in the top five of a man. I will also work hard at his peace, so that one of the best 15, which is one, which was adopted, which I am giving. so, and this would not have deserved it is sufficient that men are the five best “.

Rivera all things and brought him to the cross, is given when he faces a year of the Lord 219 hung up in the game, who will win the title of a highly significant to the conqueror.

Without the Cross, the issue of his shattered arms, driven by the Department of Rivera before the war he suffered a few investors.

The most common delays as possible, but in the war and has never met. And in various quarters that they are the same Morais Rivera, to engage with them, it was not in the end.

Further, the full scope of the problem, he says Rivera Morais Ali Abdul Aziz art director before the end of the year in 2017, and thrown into the fire of gasoline only competition between heavyweight rivals. Stress Marlon Moraes ash in the octagon

I do not have as much as in him, who he is. Nor as regards the in the Fighter. This is why he came with him, came to the press conference, and a particular thing, and he can not know them, because it is always congregation, that murmur, heard his words. I am, I will go to there, ‘and they will fight, what ought I to do .

With the increase in I do not know how the races, every man armed to the performance of, even to the self-disgust, Rivera is able to defragment when it comes to the feelings of themselves and their dependents, to enter into the cage, then I will give.

Rivera Morais but he can not become overheated in a cage, that they should not only does the Passion to ask for on Friday. Instead, Rivers best performance can be achieved, and he is confident that the final result will be a success.

Rivera said: I’m not talking about the garbage, but I do not care about this.In the end he faced conflict and rehabilitation training for commercial operation. That’s all they care about.