Amir Khan vs Phil Lo Greco

Amir Khan vs Phil Lo Greco Live Stream:  It was nice to see a brilliant bright spot in Amir Khan’s eyes to replace the disturbing emptiness of his last time in a boxing match after the fight. On Saturday in Liverpool, he again fought with a Canadian player named Phil Lo Greco.

Khan, now 31, insists that he completed the famous tour. He blocked public quarrels in social networks, and three months later he reduced the time of his boxing. “I fell in love with boxing again, and I liked going back to the gym. I study every day, “said Khan. It sounds sincere.

When Khan speaks with such enthusiasm, you can still recognize the little boy of the Olympic Games in Athens – a truly premature 17-year-old boxer. However, this clever child had so many failures, failures, sorrows and catastrophes that he could only see a second or two.

The joints define sweat in many ways, and it’s not unique in the box. The loss of Mario Kindler in the Olympic finals, the brutal 54th knockout match against Bradys Prescott in 2008, the rubber leg in the defeat of Danny Garcia and the end of the Canello Alvarez battle in 2016 Sleeping body. Khan did not fight after losing Alvarez.

Amir Khan vs Phil Lo Greco

The trip to Khan has always been a merciless and often confusing and always fun trip. He often used his heart instead of the head to fight, which led to the failure of stimulation, overflow, glory and pain. He participated in 35 games, including 4 losses, but from 2012 he often stopped and took too much time: he had 2 fights in 2012, 1 in 2013 and 2 in 2014, 2015 years and 2016 – on one. He had no activity in 2017, and not a convincing burlesque in the “Jungle” of celebrities.

In 2007, when Khan was in the battle of 18-0 and a huge attraction when his coach, the Cuban exile Jorge Rubio, chose the unbeaten Colombian Prescott, who knocked out his 19 17 victims. The battle was meaningless, and Khan was shot down in just 54 seconds. Rubio returned to Miami.

Khan transferred his bags to a bad place in Hollywood and trained at the Freddie Roach gym in Los Angeles. Focus on the displacement of work, the second year Khan won the World Cup. Americans love him, he is a soldier, he is reckless in the ring. “I know that in the battle I have to be smarter, but I was involved. I give people some excitement, “said Khan.

In 2011, he lost his title in the case of the US contender of the garden controversial. When Lamont Peterson was unable to pass a drug test, the revenge fell, and it was a terrible defeat. I really believed that Khan won the first very convenient battle, only when he was involved in it, she made an intimate encounter.

In 2012, the khan agreed to defeat the world champion with undefeated Garcia and was damaged in a battle that should be won. At that time it was war. Many people believed that the time of the khan’s battle was over.

Khan has not participated in the competition since May 2016, but he really wants to return to victory on Saturday night. Jane Krueger / Getty Images
However, the Khan is still at the highest level, has received major financial operations and is still attractive on television in the United States and the United Kingdom. Someone spoke boldly about the battle with Mayweather, the young man completely thought. “Freud agreed to this fight, and then returned again,” Khan said at the time. “I’m a good choice for him, he knows it.”

The collapse of Mayweather’s potential round in 2015 made Han desperate to fight. He is a star in many ways, but his inactivity and his apparent reluctance to associate with former rival Kyle Brooke angers the fans and provoked discontent with some of the boxing industry. Khan never wanted to fight someone. He believed that he had other deals.

In 2016, he was shocked when he jumped into two weight classes and agreed with Alvarez to play at welterweight. Five rounds were relatively safe. The judge even had Khan before him. Then, with a bang, Alvarez tied his opposite right hand, and Khan was shot down. Alvarez immediately sank to his knees on the side of the khan. This is a terrible end. Khan did not fight since May 2016. It seems that this is his last chance, but Khan has always been flexible and resourceful.

In his career, Khan reduced at least four times, and every time the newcomer committed to the post-disaster and promised to improve his defensive abilities. The last is Joe Goossen, a veteran of California, who is often considered a fighter, because he participates in a night battle. Khan speaks of Goosen in a respectful language. “He showed me so much and looked at everything I did,” Khan said.

On Saturday it will be Lo Greco’s chance to try and land what would be a cruel punch in a fight he knows will change his life. Lo Greco can fight, but he has been expertly selected to launch what is surely the last phase of Khan’s career. Khan just has to take his time, relax and it should be relatively straight forward. Unfortunately, Khan has made bigger mistakes in bigger fights and that is why people watch him. A win for Khan means the Brook fight will happen this summer. A defeat would be the very end.

Amir Khan is looking forward to riding the wave of interest in British boxing generated by the likes of world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua when he fights in the UK for the first time in five years.

Khan faces Phil Lo Greco of Canada in Liverpool on Saturday 23 months after he was beaten by Saul ´Canelo´ Alvarez in Las Vegas, having stepped up two divisions to middleweight, and five years since he last fought on home soil against Julio Diaz in Sheffield.

London 2012 Olympic champion Joshua had yet to start his professional career then but Khan, who has put aside differences with the heavyweight´s promoter, Eddie Hearn, to sign a three-fight deal has been impressed by what he´s seen.

“You look at these great fighters like Joshua cleaning up, doing really well, knocking guys out, selling out stadiums and I´m like, ´Wow, this is where I want to be again´,” Khan told a press conference on Thursday.

“I´ve done it in the past and I want to do it again. I know I´ve got a style where the crowd will come and watch me and want to see me.”

The 31-year-old added: “Fighters like Joshua out there give you that inspiration to come out and do well and sell out stadiums again.

“British boxing was really dying and Eddie´s brought it back alive again. I remember the days when I used to fight in America all the time because in Britain, boxing wasn´t as big as what we wanted it to be.”