Cavaliers vs Celtics

Cavaliers vs Celtics Live Stream : The Cleveland Cavaliers started to lose control after the second game of the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. The Cavaliers have eight points left in less than four minutes and the Cavaliers need to stop. Instead, they are untied. Although Marcus Matt and Al Horford are performing pick-and-roll tactics, Horford runs to the edge to find Smart’s balloons.

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When he was in the air, Smith pushed Horford behind and sent him to the ground when he was on the way to death. This is a very dangerous game. Smith suffered a serious foul. In addition, Smith and Marcus Smart were technically fouled by facing the Cavaliers’ guards because of the dirty game.

LeBron James scored a three-double 42-12-10 in the Celtics, but Boston refused to retire in the TD Garden on Tuesday night, winning the second game in the second game, the final score of 107-94, and 2 -0 lead. In the series.

Cavaliers vs Celtics Live Streaming Free

11 pm ET – Although LeBron James dominated, the Celtics completely stopped and completely shut down the Cavaliers in the second half. Cleveland returned home at 2-0. Boston’s impressive victory

10:54 PM ET – JR Smith was forced to push Al Horford’s foul behind him as he jumped into the basket. There is no doubt that Smith is a dangerous game. In addition, Smith and Marcus Smart were hit by double technical fouls after the paint exchange.

10:47 pm ET – The Celtics are ruthless, but LeBron James did not give up. He has 40 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds. You know, ordinary LeBron stuff.

The Red Flag brought two blows to Horford and the Celtics. Horford made two free throws and the right to control the ball was overpowered by the Celtics’ 12 points.

This sequence basically ended the hope of the Cavaliers returning. In the end, the Celtics won a stunning lead in the 2-0 series between 13-104-97.

After the game, Smart said that Smith’s work was a “dirty picture” and added that Smith was not the first time doing such a thing.

10:35 ET – LeBron James just scored the Cavaliers’ first minute in four minutes. The second half was a battle for the Cleveland team. Less than 10 minutes left, this is a deficit of 8 points.

The end of the third quarter: Celtics 84, Knight 77
10:24 pm ET – The Cavaliers’ defense was a disaster during the third quarter, and the Celtics won fourth place with 36-22. Terry Rozelle was active in the second half and now has 16 points. So far, LeBron James and Kevin Love have scored 52 points, but Cleveland needs their role players to shoot some shots to regain their lead.

10:12 pm ET – The crowd at TD Garden is standing. Terry Rozier won the big man in a quick break and pushed the Celtics forward three points. Tyronn Lue was forced to play timeout to stop the game….