Russia FIFA World Cup 2018

The Russian Football Championship in 2018 will be held in Russia. The first match will be held June 14 in Moscow. Organizers follow the tradition of open competition and meet with Saudi Arabia.

(Although the prospect of Russia against Saudi Arabia is unlikely to become a technical master level, but the Egyptian team faced Spain after Uruguay and Portugal in one day, so there are many games at the World Cup, worthy of expectation).

This is the largest competition in the world. More than 3.2 billion viewers watched the German championship in 2014. This is one of the few activities that reflects the imagination of a mass audience, and the last game can be different.

At the 2018 World Cup stadium, a series of stadiums are held throughout Russia. There are 12 stadiums Luzhniki with a capacity of 81,000 people.

How to watch live broadcasts of the FIFA World Cup from anywhere
Several channels, which we list below (click here), will show the game for free, but most of the channels are hidden behind some kind of card. (Even these free broadcasters are public broadcasters, such as the BBC, which are subsidized by British taxpayers).

Worse, if you are not from a country that broadcasts, you will not be able to access the material in a traditional way. You can use the VPN to change the country of origin, which gives users access to any content that is usually blocked.

Access to geo-blocked content is usually the best way to watch live World Cup broadcasts, so it’s important to choose a very fast VPN for streaming media and reliable service to ensure that there is no disconnection during overtime.

If you do not live in China or Russia (ironically), you can use the VPN without any legal problems.

The VPN works by establishing a network between your device and the Internet. The user then selects from the list of servers located in the world and obtains an IP address from his previously selected location. (For example, IP addresses and UK connections can be used to view the BBC and ITV through their applications or directly from their websites).

Therefore, as long as you know which broadcaster you will use to view the content, you can use the VPN as the key to access the live broadcast in the World Cup.

Watch FIFA live via VPN
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is software that enhances privacy and allows you to view content from around the world.

It works by connecting your device to your server and does not take long to configure and start using. Below is a simple step-by-step guide that will show you how to configure a VPN.

# 1: ExpressVPN is best suited for streaming the 2018 World Cup
Based on the British Virgin Islands, our first choice is ExpressVPN. They have impeccable speed, which is always a reward, and they are reliable when it comes to security and privacy.


Excellent speed is very suitable for live broadcasts and will not accidentally fall out during the game
Thanks to a 24-hour online chat, some of the best services for any provider
Ability to bypass iPlayer BBC blocks to view content
A number of servers located in the United States and Europe, covering Asia, Africa and the Middle East
A money back guarantee covers your first 30 days of service

A little more expensive than the average supplier
One account can only be used with three devices at a time
No free trial
Monthly Price:

One month: $ 12.95
Six months: $ 9.99
15 * Months: $ 6.67 * Three months for free
Register ExpressVPN here.

# 2: Smoothing NordVPN FIFA WC 2018 Streaming Media
If you need to perform at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, NordVPN is another good candidate. This Panamanian VPN is known for its excellent service, and there are no real shortcomings.

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